About us

Statement of Philosophy

The role of our school is to share with the students the invitation of Jesus to be engaged in a lifelong relationship with Him and to be a member of His kingdom. The school’s special contribution is to give the student information about Jesus and His kingdom and how that kingdom relates to the world of the student. In its many teachable moments, the school helps students understand themselves and their relationships with others. Students and teachers are in the process of discovering their humanity and their relation to their Creator as person - Father, Son and Spirit. The love spoken of in Scripture must be visible in the schools as well as the larger Christian community. Rules and structures must be servant to that love, and in love, servant to the student. SCHOOL OBJECTIVES: Our objective as a Catholic school is to assist you in the development of your full potential as a student - intellectually, spiritually, socially, aesthetically, emotionally and physically. We expect that you will continue to learn to accept responsibility for your development in these areas by seeking opportunities to engage yourself in worthwhile endeavours. We encourage you to choose your courses carefully and to participate actively in a variety of activities in the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. In doing so you will gain maximum benefit from your high school experience. Your initial success at Bishop Grandin High School will depend on your understanding of the expectations we have for all students entering our school. Read this handbook carefully, refer to it often, and use it to organize your way through an enjoyable and successful school year.